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Minimal interventions

At this practice minimal intervention is our aim where possible. We endeavour to keep as much healthy natural tooth as possible. There is after all nothing as strong as natural tooth. We use the latest techniques to achieve this, including:-

Teeth Whitening

Studies show that our smile is one of the most noticed and remembered features when we meet someone new. In this era of social media and constant celebrity selfies it’s easy to understand why! Luckily, modern dentistry means that a bright and confident smile is now an accessible and affordable luxury for everyone.

With a range of easy, comfortable and convenient treatments available don’t feel the need to hide your teeth – smile confidently and give them something to remember!

Tooth whitening is a quick and safe way to refresh and transform your smile- resulting in a healthy and more youthful appearance.

Treatment is pain-free and convenient and results can be seen from the first application.

Composite Fillings

Are you in need of a filling but keen for a natural looking finish? Would you like to avoid amalgam fillings due to concerns over safety?

If so, a composite (white coloured) filling is the ideal option for you.

Composite resin fillings (which are made from a mixture of plastic and glass called silicone dioxide) have been used in dentistry for over forty years. Once considered lacking in strength and durability compared to amalgam today the materials often prove much stronger and long-lasting. They are now regularly placed in teeth.

Although they can take slightly longer to fit than amalgam and will need to be paid for by the patient (they are considered a cosmetic treatment) they have become increasingly popular for those looking to maintain a beautiful smile despite the need for a filling or two.


A veneer is a very fine manufactured cover that can be placed over a tooth to help improve its appearance. The tooth may be irregular in size or shape or discoloured due to damage. Provided the tooth is not rotten and does not need to be removed, a veneer it is a quick, comfortable and easy way to dramatically change your smile.

Your tooth will be prepared prior to the manufacture of your veneer. This will involve removing a tiny layer of enamel. Your veneer will then be produced and fitted at a subsequent appointment around a week later.

To help your new veneer stick securely we will slightly abrade the old tooth. It will then be attached with a dental cement.

Veneers are strong and durable and therefore have the potential to last for many years with good care and attention.


Braces are the most common way to straighten crooked teeth, close gaps or improve problems with bite. A brace offers the most effective, safe and precise way of moving teeth whilst significantly improving the look, function and health of your mouth.

For younger patients, braces are generally very effective. Any issues can be rectified quickly and successfully. Treatment in the younger years can also significantly help improve facial features and address any problems with speech.

Tooth straightening is now a very popular treatment in adults. There are many reasons for this. Some may have missed the chance of orthodontic treatment in childhood, others may not have been keen on the thought of noticeable metal braces or have discovered that orthodontic treatment undertaken in childhood has since relapsed.